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Why are people cannot be successful with their yoga practices?

Let’s follow these tips for your success.

I met many yogis around the world for more than 18 years. Most of them are well educated. But there is not enough satisfaction with their progress. When I discussed with them I realized some reasons for their failures. Below I mention that.

  1. Most of them are with enough Knowledge. But not practicing yoga as Daily base
  2. They are full of Brain from informations, wish to receive all benefits of yoga at once. They wants that in a short time. like buy fast foods.
  3. Lot of them are not Fallowing one teacher. Looking for best one running around. They think Teacher is responsible for everything. They do not try learn some period with experience one of trustworthy teacher.
  4. some one was too much proud about their Owen yoga tradition, style or their owen Knowledge and experiences. They haven’t open mind to experience or learn something new.
  5. Most of them have no idea or Care about real yogic life style.

But If you change your attitudes and special parts of life style, you can receive very good development of your yogic life through Sadhanas.

What is Sadhana?

Sadhana means your daily yoga or meditation practice. It must be a part of your daily life like your meal time. Each teaching or yoga practice becoming a seed. When Sadhaka keeps going on with practice it’s becoming special cultivation. “Sadhaka” is traditional word to address yogi who in a intensive yoga or meditation training. Sadhaka similar to a Famer. Famer cultivate seed. Watering it until growing like a plant. Time to time giving nutritions observing plants with caring until fruit will come. Yoga Sadhaka has to maintain as daily practice same until being successful in practice.

Let’s think about Fallowing ideas . Try to point out how many ideas are you following?

Attitude training for a Successful sadhana.

  • First of all clear out what is your main target of your daily yoga or meditation practice. Then determine going to that goal.
  • Then meet a qualified yoga /Meditation teacher and ask them teach, helps and advices to reach your target.
  • if you have any physical or mental problems, you have to do proper yoga therapy or a medical treatments before start your Sadhana.
  • Choose a very specific time for your daily practice.
  • Traditional yogis recommended ” Brahma muhurtha” ( the time early in the morning with in the two hours before dawn)
  • Find a clean and peacfull place for your practice. There should be nice atmosphere with fresh air. No Mosqitos, flys or disturbing sounds.
  • Keep away your mobile phone turn off. If you need some relaxing music, used it as background music.
  • Before start your practice, you have to clean your body do not hold your toilet needs.
  • Clothing – Let’s wear cloths prevailing climate. But it should be loose and comfortable.
  • Try to practice daily at fix-time.
  • Start your practice simply. Then go to advance stages step by steps.
  • Take enough rest in-between practices. Do not be rush.
  • Your awareness so important. Whatever Happened outside keep countinue your practice. Listening to your body and mind during practicess
  • Wash your face after the practice. Drink enough water after 20 minutes.
  • You can take heavy meal after 45 minutes or one houre from practicess.
  • For the yogis we can recommend Vegitarian Diet.
  • Satsanga – Time to Time you can meet honest Yogis and teachers sharing your experience and Knowledge. It will be give you positive motivation for your practices.

So I wish you all have a successful yoga journey. Let’s keeping contact.

Chanaka Rukshan
Chanaka Rukshan

Founder of Rukshan Yoga

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