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Chakra secrets for attractive personality

Society is a network of different people behaviors and cultures. This network builds up from communication. If you are clever in the communication you can win many things in your life. Your personality will be more attractive. You will be a Highlight leader in society. According to Kundalini yoga awake and balance your Vishudhi chakra (Throat chakra) is the way for that. We can see that often many people have phobias and relationship problems because they are bad for communication.
Below habits and behavior of them can make those situations worse, Ex: Lying, Gossips, Alcohol, smoking, drugs, overeating
If you change this habits it’s very useful for your success. If you have bellow symptoms we can realize that you have a imbalance throat chakra. Symptoms,

  • Stiffness of neck and shoulders
  • Teeth grinding
  • Stiffness of neck and shoulders
  • Thyroid problems
  • Sore throat
  • Not listening wells

If your Vishudhi chakra not well you not only that you having communication problems but also can receive Thyroid problems and trouble of metabolism. Balance Vishdhi chakra can give you many advantages in your life. Ex: you can solve above mention problems

  • It’s clear out your inner thoughts
  • Helps to express your feelings to others
  • Giving you word power with attractive voice
  • It helps you to connect with your higher self.
  • You can change effects of some bad karmas.
Chanaka Rukshan
Chanaka Rukshan

Founder of Rukshan Yoga

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