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Satsanga Chakra, the celestial stop of the soul

One day someone who met the Dalai Lama asked a question like this.
“What is the soul?”
“If your body is a mobile phone, then the soul is something like the sim card in it. That sim card can be used for another phone as well. Even if our body dies, the soul can still benefit from another body.”

The Dalai Lama replied ( I read this incident in a newspaper a long time ago)

What is Satsang?
Looking at world history, India has been home to a variety of spiritual subjects. Indian yogis refer to conversations that take place in a circle of people interested in spiritual subjects as a “Satsang”. This concept is also referred to by some yogis as “Satsanga meeting”. Our Rukshan Yoga Institute in Mirissa is a place where many Satsang took place before the spread of covid-19.

Reliable knowledge
I see a lot of optimism in a Satsang. Today we can learn a lot through modern technology. But there are times when it is doubtful whether the information is 100% accurate. In my teaching life, I always teach the yoga technique that I learned directly from the teachers. I respect the knowledge in the books. But much trustful about my real yoga experiences. Satsang among experienced yogis is very helpful in confirming the correct knowledge we have and eliminating misunderstandings. Something in our knowledge and understanding may be seen even deeper by another. Listening to such a person expands our knowledge.

The Satsang Chakra I learned from Satsanga
How big is the subject of yoga? When I think about it, I think my knowledge is as much as a fountain in my hand. What is unknown is as great as the ocean. The same is true of the knowledge of chakras and kundalini energy. We learned about the seven main chakras, the concept of the seven chakras. But some Spiritualists say that we have 108 chakras (energy centers). In the concept of the seven chakras, the Sahatsar chakra (Crown) closest to the top of our brain is considered to be the main energy center. But there is another chakra that affects all the chakras just about six feet above the top of our head. We call that energy center the Satsanga Chakra.

I hope to tell you many things I know about this and a special meditation exercise in our next online-zoom Kundalini program. Those who wish to do so should register Early.

Chanaka Rukshan
Chanaka Rukshan

Founder of Rukshan Yoga

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