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Taste Earth and ” Jagath maatha” Chakra

Billions of years ago, the earth we lived in was a very tasty soup. Around it, the divine spirits (Souls), who had long been like fireflies in space, looked at it for a long time. Out of them came life on earth through the souls who were attracted to the taste of the earth.

Billions of years later, those creatures were gradually nurtured by the concept of “I”. Excessive consumption reduced the fertility of the taste Earth. The most fertile part of the earth sank into the ground and hide.

Even today, the medicinal plant community gives us a small percentage of the flavor that we have lost. Makes us alive and healthy. The good and bad behaviors of mankind will decide the future of humanity in the coming up a few centuries. Unconditional love for all humans for other animals and nature will create a more safe world.

Healing with universal energy is a popular topic today. The reiki system that originated in Japan and the ancient Pranic healing system in India has become more popular.

Do you want to be a healer who can heal your own illnesses and problems and would like help to heal Others..?

Then there are yoga secrets that you must learn for that. First of all, you must awake your Mooladara (root) Chakra. Next step; you have to connect with Jagath maatha” Chakra

Jagath maatha” Chakra(The Earth Star)

There is a special energy center located 6 feet deep in the ground under our feet. I call it “Jagath maatha” Chakra” (Earth Star) because it is connected to Mother Earth. You have to be specifically connected to this invisible Energy Center. Then you can make Wonderful energy works.

There are many special yoga exercises and tricks to connect with this Chakra. Let’s Join our online Kundalini yoga program to Learn the secrets of yoga that most people do not know.

Chanaka Rukshan
Chanaka Rukshan

Founder of Rukshan Yoga

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