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Ida Pingala yoga retreat and Chakra initiation

Some years ago I read a nice interesting book name” Many Mansions- by Gina Cerminara ”. That was an idea I especially highlighted from the book is, as humans we all are Coming to the world “Learn something from life and giving something special for the world “.

Kundalini’s yoga path is a long process of learning and experiencing. It’s a lifetime journey. Sometimes life by life journey. I can tell that with my confidence with the experience. “Definitely you can receive a lot of positive benefits and merits of your practices. Also your relations, family, friends, and society can take the above benefits from you.

As I look back on my progress I am truly grateful to my teachers who taught me yoga and meditation. From everyone I learned and experienced something. I used that knowledge for my teaching. I obtained the knowledge and experience with them.

In this era, yoga becomes a big trend and fashion. We can see full of yoga Asana demonstrations on Facebook, Instagram pages. The positive thing is yoga Asana training becoming the strong foundation for yoga. The negative thing is “ Asanas are not all about yoga. I have little doubt for many people really seeking the essence of yoga or are looking at the side effects of yoga.

From time to time I read yoga books, watched yoga videos on the internet. But I feel deep feeling and trust about I got yoga teaching and training directly from my Teachers. I believe in real yoga learning and teaching are energy exchange. I feel deep respect for the initiation part of traditional yoga.

What is initiation?

Yogic initiation is special ritual yoga teachers and students connect with higher spiritual souls. Traditional teachers could use very secret methods to initiate students.

Ex: Giving teachers special training after that special spiritual ritual, teaching a personal mantra to students,s, etc.

Purpose of our chakra initiation

  • Deepening you’re understand of the Mooladara chakra
  • To receive a special view about your life according to the chakra concept.
  • Remove blockages of every chakra and Aura.
  • To learn very special Kundalini Kriya to balance your chakra
  • Received empowerment From Divine Energies keep going on with Your Own yoga practice for 40 days practice

I’m yours, Chanaka Rukshan

Chanaka Rukshan
Chanaka Rukshan

Founder of Rukshan Yoga

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