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Is Kundalini a Lie?

Many people living in this era are very high in knowledge and intelligence. Knowledge means what we believe is something that can be proven by experiment. For these experiments, we are using our 5 senses. We already know our five senses have limitations. But we feel much trust about things we can experience from our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin.

If we defect a human body we cannot see kundalini energy or chakras. That way we cannot prove we have chakras and kundalini. Luckily modern technology has an instrument that can measure our Electromagnet field, bio electricity, and body functioning. It makes sense how life forces or energies working within the body and life.

Is Kundalini’s force Dangerous?

There is a famous idiom “ half-knowledge is dangerous”. Is there any danger of kundalini Shakthi? If there is any fault, That’s not the fault of this great systematic yoga art. They are some faults that are because people have less understanding about the science behind Kundalini Yoga.

Some Sri Lankans and Indians have the following attitudes towards Kundalini

  1. Everyone can not practice kundalini yoga
  2. Only a guru can teach kundalini yoga
  3. People getting crazy from kundalini yoga
  4. People who awake kundali can fly like birds and can make lot of Magic’s
  5. People who awake kundali cannot live family. They must go to a jungle. etc.

My answers to the above points

  1. Eeryone can practice kundalini. Kundalini yoga has no Gender or age limit. Only thing is you should learn about suitable practice for your nature
  2. If we think about people unlimited acceptations “ the real kundalini guru has died. Next one not born yet. For now we can find a kundalini yoga teacher person who have enough yoga teaching experience.
  3. People who has Mel effects of Madness’s ( If you have Genetically reason from family about madness) or if you suffering from Depression, Anxiety etc, metal problems then have a consultation from experience kundalini yogi or teacher before start to practice.
  4. I’m not hurry to say “ it’s an illusion yoga sidhis (Miracle powers or extra sensory perception) I can advise if you are beginner for kundalini don’t be extreme about it in the beginning.
  5. Living in Jungle or monastery can be very useful for self development of your yoga meditation practices. Calmness and positive vibrations of background can helpful deepen your yoga meditation experience. But you practice kundalini yoga at your owen place, There is your owen Aura.

Shortly I going to mention my This life Kundalini learning experiences.

I did start my yoga journey in the year 1998 as a Hatha yogi. I have finished my first Yoga teaching Diploma in the year 2003. Then I did start yoga teaching as a Hatha yoga teacher.

I met my first Kundalini yoga teacher, Ms. Lesly, around 15 years ago. She touches me special Kundalini Kriya calls “ awakening to your 10 Bodies” belongs shik yoga Guru tradition as touch by Yogi Bhajan. It was my firsts inspiration for kundalini yoga in this life.

Later I met my Great kriya yoga Master Yogi Badridas. He gave me Inspiration About Babaji’s Kriya yoga. He touches me an Advance technology about Kundalini’s Name as Chakra Dhayna Kriya. As he recommended I met world-famous Kriya yoga Masters Marshel Govinden and Acharya Satyananda. From them, I learned Kriya kundalini pranayama and Kriya Dhyana yoga practices as Touch by Mahavatar Babaji from sidha yoga tradition.

In My Indian Yoga therapy, Teachers training course Dr. Omanand Guruji Touch us special Kundalini Technology Name as “ Chid Shakthi prakriya”.

Later I have completed Kundalini yoga Level one Teachers training course belongs Kundalini Asia and satsuma kundalini yoga Associations. I’m happy to say that now I’m a Registered Kundalini yoga teacher In the international Yoga Alliance.

I’m not saying you “ I know everything about Kundalini” still I keep learning and practicing. But I have the confidence to tell you; ) “

I like to teach you what I learned and experienced about Kundalini. If you would like to learn kindly contact us.

Kind Regards, I’m yours Chanaka Rukshan

Chanaka Rukshan
Chanaka Rukshan

Founder of Rukshan Yoga

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