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Kundalini is an amazing, powerful force for everyone with a backbone

The living world is a very colorful, complex place. It’s a complex subject that can be seen by scientific instruments such as the microscope, from amoebae, viruses, and bacteria to satellites, to alien creatures scouring the earth for telescopes.

Scientists say that there are about 100,000 different species of animals, from ants to our naked eyes to large whales.

In the books of Buddhism, “Vimana Vasthu, Pretha Vasthu”, the Buddhas he named the various light beings that are visible only to the enlightened beings.

In Hinduism, various living beings in an invisible dimension are introduced as Gods.

Christianity names such Invisible living beings as God, Satan.

The subject of parapsychology, which is currently being developed experimentally, has already proved to some extent about dimensions we do not see.

Invisible Kundalini energy.

This may be the most talked about topic in the field of spirituality, including yoga.

Some people believe in Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) and others dismiss it as a superstitious belief. Just because something cannot be proven 100%, it cannot be ruled out 100%.

For example, even though we saw electricity in the sky about a thousand years ago, But that time people did not know the benefits of generating electricity like today.

The power of the serpent is hidden within us.

Kunda is the way a snake is held. Kundalini is the energy that is hidden within us. Therefore, some traditional yogis used the name Naga Balaya(power)to refer to Kundalini.

Thinking about the human body with a creative eye, I had these thoughts.

  • The wavy nature of the human brain is reminiscent of a dormant snake
  • From the mouth to the anus, the esophagus has the shape of a snake.
  • Looking at the human skeleton, it shows the shape of a “foam” snake from the skull to the end of the spine.

I have heard the idea that snakes are the cleanest animal in the world. This is because the cobras remove their decaying skin and renew it.

Let’s come to Join our weekend zoom-online Kundalini program. Get rid of your wrong attitudes and move on. From the program this time you will learn,

  • A Kundalini Exercise that Strengthens the Spine and Nervous System
  • Yoga Mudra Exercise to Keep Your Youth for a long time.
  • You will learn a meditation exercise that will develop a positive attitude in your life.

If you would like to join please drop us a message. We will send you more details

Chanaka Rukshan
Chanaka Rukshan

Founder of Rukshan Yoga

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