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H.U.K. Windula kumari

H.U.K. Windula kumari

She is the lovely sister of instructor Rukshan.Guests who visited very familiar with her and lovely parents support for this spritual service.
Windula kumari Graduated from the University of Ruhuna,Sri Lanka in Art subjects.she already has completed Human Resource management certificate course and already completed rukshan yoga teacher training course.
She already well experienced and have passed the Diploma course about Ayurvedic beauty therapy.Master Gamini taught her Usui rei-keyup to level two. In the coming up session she will help you at rukshan yoga to find out your inner and outer beauty therapy. Ayurvedic beauty treatments,rei-key teaching and demonstrations of some yoga classes.

Jiri (Easy yogi)

Jiri (Easy yogi) started his journey in 2017 in Sri Lanka, where he met his yoga teacher Rukshan and took his teacher training. Rukshan pointed him the way to find his inner potential. And gave him his easy style and name. In 2020, he discovered another amazing teacher Marisa Cranfiell and her YoQi (Yoga+Qigong) project. So amazed by this style he started her training and spreading this teaching. Today Easy yogi travels and teaches in many places around the world. In his lessons you can meet a playful and easy style, where he combines yoga, Qi gong and meditation with smile, love, ease and compassion.
Qi-gong flow, Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Reiki, meditation, laughter yoga, Thai Yoga massage

Chakradance Teacher and Reiki Energy Healer Samantha

In 2020, Samantha began her training in Yoga and Yogic Philosophy with Sampoorna Yoga (based in Goa), and underwent an online course to become a licensed Chakradance Facilitator with Natalie Southgate.
She later went on to explore energy healing techniques which work with chakra energy and the meridian system. In February 2023, Samantha initiated her L1 Reiki training with Master Gamini Gunaratne at Rukshan Yoga in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. She then continued her reiki education in London, completing L1 & L2 courses with Master Michael Kaufmann at The Light Centre in Monument.
Today, Samantha is a recognised circle facilitator, registered Reiki Healer, and licensed Chakradance facilitator, offering sessions and workshops in London, Sri Lanka, and beyond.
Fully licensed and insured. Samantha Kelsie is a registered member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists, since 2020.

Roshan Guruge

Roshan Guruge is a Buddhist Meditation Master who has initially trained Buddhist Meditation under the prelate Buddhist monks for more than twenty years in Sri Lanka.He has practised him self both Samatha(concentration ) and Vipassana(insight) meditation theoretically and practically.
In addition to that he has trained Yoga and healing methods under the Yoga Master Chanaka Rukshan.He is also interested in practing Qi gong.
He has graduated from the University of Kelaniya in special degree in Sanskrit(classical language) and followed post graduate degree in Buddhist Philosophy.He has taught to Buddhist novice monks in several monastic institutions for many years in Sri Lanka.
Now he is continuing his spiritual mission for many people around the many parts of the planet.In coming session , you will be guided with silent meditation being with concentration as wel as with insight meditation.
Venerable Bhante punnaratana thero

Venerable Bhante punnaratana thero

Venerable monk punnaratana is a sri lankan Buddhist monk based in Germany and doing world wide spritual service. He is a great dhamma lecturer and meditation teacher. When he visits to sri lanka offering Buddhist meditation retreats at rukshan yoga studio.

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Master Gamini Gunaratne

Heal your self and Become a Healer with Blessings of Expert, Reiki Level 1 -2 And Master level initiations with Master Gamini Gunaratne
Master Gamini Gunaratne is an internationally qualified holistic health professional with many years of experience. He is a Reiki Master/practitioner and Tarot consultant who offers intuitive guidance and healing to people from all walks of life.
In addition, he is also qualified in hypnotherapy, crystal healing and numerology. With these tools combined.
He offers a unique experience to give you an integrative,customized solution based on your needs.

International Coordinator - Sven Salar Faryar

During my time as a footballer and full-time student in the United States, I started to focus on the body, the mind, and their relationship in order to optimize performance and well-being. My efforts in university were focused on the relevance of psycho-physiological literacy across Academia, Athletics, and Human Resources, inspired by the Universal Truths that connect all people and cultures- individually and as a community, as we learn, serve, and play in our professional and private lives.
When I first met Rukshan, I was spiritually eager, chronically overtrained, and emotionally numb. Rukshan is a patient and knowledgeable teacher who serves wholeheartedly, tailoring to all students across the board with his unique presence and expertise. Yogic philosophy allows us to connect to our Soulprint- and cultivate a life aligned with this universal, yet highly individualized essence.
As a Spiritual Coordinator, I function as a “second brain and right hand” to Rukshan- to maintain the flow at Rukshan Yoga.
Expertise: Eastern & Western Philosophy/Universal Truths, Psycho-Physiological Literacy and Flow States, Public Relations/Promotion, Writing.

B.S. Business Management/Leadership, Mn. Psychology
M.S. Sport Administration
200h YTTC
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