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Who is chanaka Rukshan

Chanaka Rukshan is the chief yoga and meditation instructor at Rukshan yoga studio. He is one of the most famous yoga teachers in Sri Lanka. He is conducting a Unique and Authentic yoga style with his experiences. He started his yoga journey in the year 1997. He met his first yoga guru in the year 1998. Then he has completed his first oneyear yoga teacher training diploma course at Sethsada yoga Vedanta Academy, Colombo Srilanka.
Then he worked as an Assistant yoga Instructor at Sethsada yoga center in Colombo- 4 years. In year 2005 he has come to tourism field as a yoga teacher. He worked at Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort more than 5 years as Chief yoga instructor. He worked at Lotus villa Ayurveda hotel- Ahungalla and many Hotels and Villas as a Visiting yoga teacher.
In the year 2009 to 2010 he completed diploma in psychological counseling course at Sri Lanka foundation institute in the year 2010. He initiated to Babajis Kriya yoga from yogi Badridas. Then he met World famous Kriya yoga Master Acharya Marshel Govindan and Acharya Satyananda for his next Kriya yoga Initiations. In year 2011, he got special Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga training from Samhita Yoga Retreat in Thailand.
14th of October in year 2012 Chanaka Rukshan successfully completed his yoga Therapy teachers training course at Paramanand Institute of Yoga Science and Research Center India. There he is specially learned yoga healing through Chakra concept. He had initiated to special Kundalini Technic from Dr.Omanand Guruji Call Chid Shakthi Prakriya.
04th of February in year 2014 Chanaka Rukshan had his first Usui Rei- key Degree at World Gold line healing center. Then he met Angel Rei – Key Master Anisis and she had Initiate for different stages of Angel Rei Key.
In Year 2015 July he had finished his Second yoga teacher training Diploma course at Yoga Vidya Gurukul(yoga point), Nashik, India.
In the year 2020 he attended to Kundalini yoga teachers training conducted by Sanasuma and Kundalini Asia Institutes. With that he has recognized as a Level one Kundalini yoga instructor under the international yoga Alliance.
During this long yoga journey instructor, Chanaka Rukshan trained thousands of yoga students both foreign and local. By now, many students around the world have received his 200 hours of yoga teacher training. They are spreading light of yoga wisdom got from Unique and Authentic Rukshan yoga style
who is chanaka rukshan
Some special services and achievements from Yoga instructor Chanaka Rukshan
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