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The purpose of the retreat

The purpose of retreat is be with yourself and it depend on your knowledge and experiences of yoga meditation.

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Initial Schedule

We will start our retreat at 7.00 AM with special mantra initiation.
If you have your owen Mala please bring it with you. If don’t have , don’t worry I will teach you a Mudra practice can use for mantra meditation.
There’s the most important thing, that is you have to be vegetarian for four days. The first day before the retreat, then including the retreat day and the other two days after the retreat.You will learn and experience the reasons to be a vegetarian during the retreat.
We will practice special kundalani kriya for your chakras after the secret mantra meditation . You will continue this practice minimum 40 days. When you practice it you can take maximum benifit from our retreat.
After that breakfast, we will be going to Satsang. ( Yogic discussion ) Specialy we will discuss the yogic diet and what is the importance of 40 days of kundalini practice and its benefits. (10.00 AM – 11.00 AM)
Then you will receive so important Theoretical knowledge about the specific chakra of the day. I will conduct the English group and Katrin will conduct it in the German language.
Again 12.30 PM – 13.00 PM we will meet as one group for nice walking meditation. Then we will go to lunch. When we finished our lunch, altogether going to draw art. In this class, we will learn how colors affect our life
Then 02.30 PM- 03.30 PM we will practice special traditional Hatha Yoga Asana. Secence effect on our ar Major chakras. (You can follow this practice as your 40 days practice ) It will gives strong foundation for you to get ready for up coming Ida Pingala yoga retreat .
Finaly we will make short review of the retreat. Katrin will make Angel Card reading. We will give you some special massage from intention through other dimensions.

Course Fee

Some parts above mention possible to adjust according to the nature of the group and depend on the progress of students.For any additional information regarding the above retreat kindly contact us.

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