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November special healing yoga class with Marlena Abril Wegner

Biologist, Yoga Teacher, Sound Meditation & Therapy

Being the daughter of an English father and German mother, Marlena was born in England and raised in Germany. From her childhood she was raised open-minded and rather spiritual. She started to play violin, sing in a band and do acrobatics from a young age. After finishing school, Marlena moved to Berlin. Through her deep connection to nature she started to study Biology. Simultaneously she found a passion for yoga, which she started to practice on daily basis. The dedicated practice of daily yoga brought more awareness to her daily life and thus marks a turning point. It was a journey to begun, later on her journey she discovered the use of music as medicine and connected back to music with an Instrument that looks quit similar to a violin – the ukulele.

Her studies in Biology brought her to the Arctic, where she studied Arctic biology and conducted research. Later she worked as a lecturer on various Expedition ships that sailed to the Arctic as well as Antarctic. At the same time, she travelled through various spiritual countries, deepening her knowledge of ancient practice and wisdom. In India she became a certified yoga teacher and today she is sharing Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin-Yoga. In Berlin she completed a Sound Meditation Training and worked for Soneiro Collective. Marlena deepend her sonic knowledge in India, where she studied sound therapy and worked for the Academy of Sound. During her travels in Mexico she learned various medicine songs. It was in Mexico, where Marlena first came in contact with Ayahuasca which contributed greatly to her spiritual path and connected her deeper to the world of music and sound. Today, she replaced her ukulele by a guitar, which she incorporates in her yoga class and sound journeys. Besides, Marlena is offering private sessions of sound therapy, singing bowl massage and chakra balance.

Marlena is passionate about sharing music, yoga and connect the spiritual world to the scientific one. She is convinced, that yoga and sound can greatly contribute and influence everyone’s life, health and well-being. Her special path and background, as well as her empathy, diverse and open-minded personality shape her as one of a kind of a yoga teacher and sound fascillitator.

Check out her latest release on YouTube – A JOURNEY HOME

Chanaka Rukshan
Chanaka Rukshan

Founder of Rukshan Yoga

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